Wine Cellars

For centuries Europeans have honed their knowledge in creating the perfect ‘cave’ environment in which to store wine and maximise its complexities, flavours and aromas. Re creating these conditions can most successfully be applied by the following key requirements.


Whilst opinions on the optimal temperature to store both short and long term wines can vary between 10-18 degrees, the general agreement for wine cellaring is 14 degrees.


Temperature Consistency
Inconsistent temperature fluctuations are wines worst enemy. The more stable the environment the better.


Controlled Humidity
Maintaining a relative humidity level of around 60-70%, the corks will neither dry out from lack of moisture nor will labels suffer mould damage from excessive saturation.


Protection against Heat, light & Vibration
As wine is a perishable food product, these influences can dramatically alter its natural harmony and development processes.


Australia’s harsh and often unpredictable climate demands the need for a professional approach to cellar design.


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Wine Cellars